Paintings 2012- early 2013

Conner_Oleary-00585 “compose” 2012 acrylic on birchConner_Oleary-00587 “modern sleep” 2012 acrylic on birchConner_Oleary-00596 “sorted” 2012 acrylic on birchConner_Oleary-00603 “traveling landscape” 2012 acrylic on birchConner_Oleary-00606 “this church” 2012 acrylic on birchConner_Oleary-00611 “the kansas wall” 2012 acrylic on birchConner_Oleary-00617 “depth” 2012 acrylic on birchConner_Oleary-00620 “double cancel 1” 2013 acrylic on birchConner_Oleary-00625“double cancel 2” 2013 acrylic on birch


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